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    2. anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup

      Moisture Complex Foundation

      Creme Beige 3 Moisture Complex Foundation
      Creme Beige 3 Moisture Complex Foundation
      Item# 7M30
      Regular price: $22.00
      Sale price: $18.95, 2/$35.90

      Product Description

      Creme Beige #3 Moisture Complex Foundation

      Light - (cool undertone)

      Self adjusting Emollient based Moisture Complex whipped liquid make-up combining light-weight natural oils, Elastin Collagen and paba-free sunscreen spf-15 to help protect and cover skin.

      Contains talc, light floral scent

      Made in the USA. Net wt. 1 fl oz. Available in glass bottle with a spatula in lid for easy stir and application.

      You can mixed colors together to get the perfect blend with changing seasons, if needed.

      1-2 bottles are mailed first class unless added to other products. Three or more weigh over 13 oz total box weight and are shipped priority anywhere within the USA.

      This color can be worn on light cool skin tones with a cool pink cast.