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    2. anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup

      Great price!

      Lip Remodeling Treatment
      Lip Remodeling Treatment
      Item# 4C53L
      Regular price: $35.00
      Sale price: $24.95

      Product Description

      Lip Remodeling Treatment

      Soften lines on and around lips

      Helps lipstick stay put and not run into lines

      Contains Moisturizing Shea Butter & Panthenol, white tea, cranberry, jojoba oil and natural extracts with Tetra-Peptide 7 to recondition lips.

      Use a small amount on and around lips and before using Lipsticks, vitamin lipbalm or gloss. Also great to use before bedtime to conditon lips and lipline.

      Net Wt. .5 Fl oz in plastic bottle with airless pump, Made in USA