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    2. anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup

      Nude 1N Moisture Complex Foundation

      Nude 1N Moisture Complex Foundation
      Item# 7M55
      Regular price: $22.00
      Sale price: $18.95, 2/$35.90

      Product Description

      Nude 1N Moisture Complex Foundation

      Very Light Neutral Ivory

      (Normal to Dry Skins) also mature skins

      A moisturizing medium coverage aloe rich foundation for very-light neutral tone skin with paba-free protective sunscreen Spf-15.

      Nude 1N is lighter than Almond #2. Bisque 1 is also very light with a pinker peachy cast

      A self-adjusting Emollient based make-up that combines light weight natural oils, Elastin Collagen and paba-free Sunscreen to protect and cover skin (light floral scent)

      Available in round glass bottle with a spatula attached to lid for easy application. Net wt. 1 fl oz, made in the USA.

      Post office: First class on 1-2 bottles total box wt. under 13 oz, 3 or more automatically mail priority within the USA.