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    2. anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup

      Nutriment Blue Oil

      Nutriment Blue Oil
      Item# 6L55
      Regular price: $34.00
      Sale price: $29.00

      Product Description

      Nutriment Blue Oil (You Save 5.00 off list)

      Skin Type: Lipid-Dry, Aging/Mature, Men & Women of all skin types- Dehydrated Dry Skins

      One of the most popular skin care items for Dry Skin. Nutriment blue oil is for all age groups. Instantly customize treatments in the palm of your hand ?super-charge moisture masques and moisturizers in moments.

      A blend of natural plant lipids helps direct repair skinís natural barrier and reprograms dry skin for long-lasting softness and immediate comfort. This highly versatile oil lets you adapt your skin care system as skin changes.

      Paraben-free, Fragrance: Essential oils of lavender, vanilla, clove, orange, petit grain, amyris and benzoic Siam absolute. Unlike other lipid-rich nutrient oils, Nutriment Blue Oil is stable and rancid-free.

      Available in 1.12 oz. airless pump bottle

      Use when skin is:

      ?Dehydrated, dry, Dull, tired, flaky or scaly skin

      ?Skin needing more lubrication from regular moisturizers or skin treatments

      ?Skin needing extra lipid boost during monthly cycles

      ?Skin is exposed to moisture-dry climates [deserts like CA, AZ CO, NM, TX]or indoor heated spaces in winter.

      Action Ingredients:

      ?Moisturizing lipids: found naturally in skin, lipids hold comforting moisture between skin cells

      ?Lipid-rich plant oils: essential lipids to smooth rough skin and reinforce skinís natural barrier

      ?Azulene: soothing blue calmative from chamomile

      ?Sandalwood, phellodendron & barley: increases skinís moisture, revives softness

      ?Tocopheryl acetate: keeps skin lipids fresh, protects natural radiance

      Made in USA. [small glass bottles up to 12 oz. total box go first class

      Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate: helps reduce risk of clogged-pores

      ?Retinyl palmitate: helps visibly soften surface signs of aging

      ?Cholecalciferol: required for skinís healthy vitality ______________________________________________________ Directions:

      AM/PM: Enrich any gel, lotion, crŤme or masque with 1/2 to 1 pump Nutriment Blue Oil, or apply directly to skin. Can also use periodically, such as in dry weather or other occasions when skin feels dry, dull or devitalized.

      As an extra-strength, skin restoring night treatment for exceptional softness, liberally massage Nutriment Blue Oil directly over skin at least 15 minutes before bedtime.

      Makeup Procedure: To lighten coverage or enrich moisturizing, blend ?pump Nutriment Blue Oil with foundations.

      Hand & Foot Treatments: Massage 1-2 pumps of Nutriment Blue Oil onto hands or feet prior to treatments. Apply to cuticles to soften. Massage over nails once a day to strengthen. _____________________________________________________ Power Treatments:

      Hydrating nutrient masque: Blend 1 tsp. Vitaplus Masque, ?tsp. Nutriment Blue Oil and ?tsp. Moisture Boost Hydragel. Apply with brush to clean skin. Remove with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.

      Undernourished skin: Blend 1 pump Nutriment Blue Oil with Vitaplus Masque. Mask may take longer than 10 minutes to dry.

      Re-inforce skin's barrier in dry climates & plane cabins:

      Blend of 1 part Nutriment Blue Oil with 3 parts Anti-oxidant Defence Complex in your palm under Cell Youth Actif or moisturizer. This mixture also helps protect skin from tobacco smoke, smog and other airborne irritants. ________________________________________________________

      Full Ingredients List:

      Hybrid sunflower (helianthus annuus) oil (lipid-rich plant oil), brassica capestris/aleurites fordi oil copolymer (skin softening), jojoba (buxus chinensis) oil (lipid-rich plant oil), sandalwood (santalum album) wood extract (lipid-rich plant oil), phellodendron amurense bark extract (lipid-rich plant oil), barley (hordeum distichon) extract (lipid-rich plant oil), kukui nut (aleurites moluccana) oil (lipid-rich plant oil), grapeseed (vitis vinifera) oil (lipid-rich plant oil), rose hips seed oil (lipid-rich plant oil), evening primrose oil (lipid-rich lubricant), squalene (moisturizing lipid), squalane (moisturizing lipid), glycolipids (moisturizing lipid), phytosterols (moisturizing lipid),

      tocopheryl acetate (age-fighting vitamin E), borago officinalis seed oil (lipid-rich plant oil), tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (stabilized vitamin C ester), azulene (soothing), lavandin oil (soothing essential oil), corn oil (lipid-rich plant oil), retinyl palmitate (stabilized vitamin A), tocopherol (freshness preservative),

      cholecalciferol (vitamin D), vanilla oil (fragrant essential oil), clove oil (fragrant essential oil), orange oil (fragrant essential oil), petitgrain oil (fragrant essential oil), amyris oil (fragrant essential oil), benzoin siam absolute (fragrant plant concentrate).

      [Fragile items up to 13 oz. total box wt. generally shipped first class]