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    2. anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup

      Orange Cleansing Souffle

      Orange Cleansing Souffle
      Item# 2C54
      Regular price: $24.95
      Sale price: $22.95

      Product Description

      Orange Cleansing Souffle

      [All Skin Types]

      ?Naturally fragrant with orange, this refreshing oil based facial cleanser with deep cleansing agents, floats away dulling oils and impurities leaving skin soft, fresh and glowing.

      ?Floats away makeup, excess sebum that can block pores or dull skin. Message over wet skin with fingertips. Rinse well.

      Paraben-free, this cleanser contains petrolatum, aloe leaf juice, safflower seed oil, orange peel oil to deep cleanse while leaving skin feeling moisturized.

      Use a toner afterwards on oily skin type or if skin feels too moisturized.

      Made in USA.

      Net wt. 4 oz in plastic jar.

      (recycle <] stamped plastic)